Power from Wastewater

The energy requirements of industrial operations is an ongoing commercial liability that can be offset by using waste material from the operation itself. The conversion of waste material into a valuable resource not only assures commercial viability but also environmental protection.

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Welcome to Organics Group

The Organics Group specialises in high-quality environmental engineering. With a track record spanning more than 30 years, Organics is ready to implement your environmental project, protecting the environment and optimising your operation.

Organics are leading developers IN

Engineering of RENEWABLE ENERGY & Environmental protection

Organics produces quality products for use in contamination control, environmental engineering and renewable energy systems.  With over 300 installations successfully commissioned in 21 countries, Organics has a proven track record in the sector.

Building on this success, and looking for opportunities for continual improvement in Renewable energy and Environmental protection is an important aspect in the daily management of the business.

Our Latest Projects


Biogas production from AD

Client: PT Evans (under construction)

Location: Indonesia

Biogas production from wastewater

Client: TedCo Makmur

Location: Bandur Lampung

Power generation from biogas

Client: Montalban Methane

Location: Philippines

NH3 treatment from wastewater

Client: Veolia

Location: SENT landfill Hong Kong

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