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Biogas to Energy; Biogas Engine Systems and Applications in Indonesia

by Euroasiatic and Organics


In this webinar, two of the world’s leading companies in waste gas management will be discussing the benefits of using gas engines for the generation of power using biogas generated either from landfill sites or anaerobic digesters. Mark Moulden one of the leading experts in the field and technical director of Organics, as well as Mr. Peter Fries (Sales Leader Recip Engine) Mr. Niko Valle-Schmitz (Sales Manager Biogas) as well as Mr. Antonius Christiawan (Product Manager INNIO Jenbacher), will be on hand to answer questions.
They will draw on over thirty years of experience, with many successful projects completed, to present the case for an industry that is in continual growth throughout Indonesia.

You will have the opportunity to learn about:
✓ The attributes that have made Jenbacher one of the world leading gas engine manufacturer
✓ How biogas is generated and techniques for its control and collection
✓ The best practices and options for using biogas as a fuel source
✓ Mechanisms for processing biogas for use in gas engines
✓ The depth of experience of Euroasiatic and Organics in the field of biogas engineering
✓ Business models that can be built around the use of biogas as a fuel, and can be adopted in a difficult regulatory environment
✓ Several of the many different applications for use of Jenbacher gas engines


Wednesday 26 August 2020

10.00 -11.00 a.m. (WIB time zone/GMT+7)




Organics Group

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